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In addition to being the largest distributor of greenhouses in the U.S. - we also develop and manufacture a broad range of greenhouse kits including worldwide favorites like Juliana, Halls and EasyGrow.

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l Guarden Greenhouse Kits

Guarden Greenhouses & Raised Beds

Guarden Mini Greenhouse

Quickly add a garden virtually anywhere! Scent gardens, Butterfly gardens, spring gardens, shade gardens, herb gardens, vegetable gardens, or salsa gardens!

No matter where you want to grow be it a balcony, on a concrete slab or rocky soil, on a deck, in sandy soil or heavy clay, in rich top soil, or elevated to waist high, we have a solution for you. The Standard or Extra Deep frames give you the flexibility to choose the right depth for your needs.

Mini Greenhouse Our Mini-Greenhouses All-in-One kit includes frame, cover system and greenhouse cover. Converts from a cold frame to raised bed planter and into a season extender for the fall /early winter. Comes in 6 sizes.
Raised Bed Frame Raised Bed Frames can be used to highlight specimen plants, create a planter, make raised-beds, edge play sets, or build a sandbox. Comes in 6 sizes.
Cover Kits Cover Kits
Add our covers system to your existing raised-bed. Includes all hardware, hoops and a pre-fit greenhouse cover.

Guarden Greenhouse Features:

Quick Assembly
Durable components snap together easily with push-in fasteners.

Decorative yet Tough
Rounded corners topped with decorative caps form a strong, durable structure without compromising looks.

Thicker than "2 by" lumber, the recycled content plastic frame has three insulating air cells at work within the frame to moderate the soil's heat.

Just the right Height
choose Standard or Extra Deep (shown)

Lift-Out Hoops
Quickly convert the mini-greenhouse into a raised bed garden or planter, WITHOUT TOOLS!

Easy Open Cover
Lightweight cover automatically stays open when raised 3/4 of the way.

Rounded Corners
Pleasing design with no sharp corners. Pre-drilled holes and push-in fasteners make assembly a snap.

Dual-Purpose Hinge/Latch
Each hoop operates a dual-purpose Hinge/ Latch. Simply "push-in" on a hoop to release the latch and raise the cover. This unique feature enables the cover to be raised from either side

Heavy-Duty Plastic Frame
Frame has three internal, insulating air cells to help keep the soil's heat from escaping.

Will not fade or crack
Titanium Dioxide provides protection from harmful UV rays. 1-3/4" thick for kneeling or sitting