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In addition to being the largest distributor of greenhouses in the U.S. - we also develop and manufacture a broad range of greenhouse kits including worldwide favorites like Juliana, Halls and EasyGrow.

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Cold Frames

Featuring a removable, UV-coated plastic cover, these grow racks are ideal for extending the growing season in the spring and fall! Plus, their compact size allow them to be placed on decks, patios, or indoors next to a window.

Cold frames are ideal for starting seeds in the early spring as you would use a coldframe.

Grow racks come with a UV protected, clear, vinyl cover which holds in humidity reducing plant's watering needs. Easy access and ventilation is provided by the zippered door panel in the covering.

Grow racks also include a powder coated steel frame and multiple steel shelves which are perfect for maximum growing in a small space.

Guarden Coldframes

Other Cold frames


BioStar Premium Cold Frame   Juwel Year Round Cold Frame